What can you get for your dog for $35? Peace of mind…

Dog Owners–What can you get for $35 these days?  A meal out–for one.  A week of lattes…

How about a new dog park?

The Seattle Parks Department will build the newest Dog Off Leash Area (OLA) in Magnolia Manor Park at 3500 28th Avenue West, on Magnolia. Its tentative opening is spring 2012. YOU will determine how big it is.  Big enough?

What Parks has budgeted now:  a simple 16,000 square foot OLA-about the size of our smallest  dog parks. (Regrade at 3rd & Bell or Plymouth Pillars on Capitol Hill).  Funding for this was approved in the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces levy.  But Magnolia wanted more, and bigger.  What’s been approved:  21,000 square feet, with a planting buffer and room for a small/shy area and a chuck-it zone.  The public and Parks have approved it — Pending funding.

Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) and Citizens for Off Leash Areas (COLA), through our generous donors, have raised almost 30% of our goal for the OLA.  Special thanks go to VCA/Magnolia Animal Hospital, which has stepped up as an ALPHA DOG sponsor!   Donations are coming in, but we need YOUR participation to make it happen!

Only $35 from each licensed-dog owner on Magnolia will build this park!!

Parks will decide after March 1, 2012 how much OLA they can build with the amount available.   Are you in?

A new dog park on Magnolia?  $35.

A ticket for an off-leash dog? $54.  (or $109,  $136, $162…)

Never again having to pay an off leash ticket (or drive 45 minutes to walk the dog)? Priceless!


Go to www.coladog.org/mmpMatch to donate and make a difference!

(Donate by March 31, 2012 and COLA will double your gift, up to a total of $3,000!)

Your gift is tax deductible!  Tax ID # 91-1682685

Thanks to
Citizens for Off-Leash Areas

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