Steering Committee

The Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Neighborhoods suggested that the steering committee guiding this design process be comprised of individuals and neighbors with varied interests in the park. Most of those on the steering committee did not know each other before this process began, though all are involved in the community and are eager to engage the community further in bringing about a design that will revitalize this park.

Susan Casey serves on the Magnolia/Queen Anne Neighborhood District Council and is a longtime advocate of the P-patch program and urban agriculture.

Steve Cellini (co-chair) is a neighbor and frequent visitor (with his two kids) to Magnolia Manor Park.

Grace Huang is a member of Sustainable Magnolia, leading its built environment team. An architect, ski instructor, and bike enthusiast, Grace always finds a way to take on just one more community project.

Toni Imfeld has been a Magnolia resident since 1986. She is an attorney who has worked with contractors and design professionals, and serves on the executive board of Citizens for Off Leash Areas (COLA). She enjoys “dirt therapy” and the fruits (and jam) of her labors.

Nancy Spragins (chair) has lived near Magnolia Manor Park for twelve years and enjoys it as a space to offload her kids’ excessive energy. She leads the local food team at Sustainable Magnolia.

Lyon Terry is a 6 year Magnolia resident with 2 school age kids. He is a local school teacher, head of his Block Watch, and a board member of Sustainable Magnolia. He believes in community places that bring people together for fun and relaxation. He maintains his own annual vegetable garden and enjoys getting to know people and the neighborhood through long walks and runs with his dog.

Cathy Van Dyke is a member of Sustainable Magnolia and a 17 year resident of Magnolia. Active wife, mother, grandmother, dog walker and gardener, Cathy is interested in the possibilities of a play and gathering space, P-Patch and off leash area in Manor Park. She has been a residential real estate broker for 30+ years.

Monica Wooton is a lifelong resident of Magnolia. The mother of four grown children, Monica serves as president of the Magnolia Historical Society and lives near Magnolia Manor Park.