Showing Heart — Making Art

Lawton Fifth Graders Show Heart, Make Art

The fifth graders at Lawton Elementary have been wonderful and enthusiastic helpers with the Magnolia Manor Park project. They’ve helped us out by fundraising, and they’ve also created park-themed art.

Construction of the Off Leash Area will begin in the spring. Mia Mitchell’s drawing shows what life might be like for your favorite pet once it’s complete.

Pup in the Park
Part of the overall plan for Manor Park includes a P-Patch garden. The area of the park planned for the garden gets great sunlight, making it ideal for both summer and winter gardening.

Peas in the Patch(Illustration by Olivia Knoll)

The expansion of the park will add nearly two acres to the space currently open to the public. With better weather ahead, there will be more room and more opportunities to take in nature…

Sweet Dreams

(Illustration by Kai Light)

…or go fly a kite.

Kites in the Park
(Illustration by Luke Allen)

The above is just a sampling of the artwork created by the Lawton Elementary fifth graders which we ultimately hope to have on display at the park, itself.

It’s an exciting time to witness the rebirth of Manor Park. If you’d like to take part, please visit the Volunteer section.

  • 6 years ago
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