Off-Leash Area Work Party this Sunday!


April 2013

Zolo Looks Forward to a Spiffed-Up OLA

Zolo Looking Forward to a Spiffed-Up OLA

Earth Day Work PartyPitchforks and Shovels and Rakes, oh my! Come join us as we sling chips and move gravel to pretty up our Off Leash Area (OLA) for Earth DaySunday, April 21st from 1-3 pm. During the work party, the OLA will be CLOSED to all but work party participants and their dogs.

Calling All Team Members:  Let’s Team Up!

Our Goal:  Good stewardship for the off-leash area at Magnolia Manor Park! Help support the stewards of this dog park by joining the support team. At least 10 people are needed to share the load. We only need a few more to round out our Team!

If you use the OLA, care about the OLA and or are neighbors of the OLA, please volunteer (use the general contact form here).

Magnolia Manor Park Off-Leash Area is in its probationary period for 18 months (until Spring, 2014). (All new dog parks go on probation.) The majority of the OLA users are responsible dog owners who respect the park and the neighborhood. However, a few users may be jeopardizing the future of this OLA.

The OLA needs a support team of 10 people to help community bonding among park users. Possible activities include owner education, dog contests, potlucks, fun training events, etc. Re-educate the minority who aren’t aware about their impact on the neighborhood. This is your park!!

Currently the “missing piece,” an 18,000 sq ft SW corner of the park linking the OLA and the P-patch is under consideration. This would include a paved path between the areas and a re-vitalization of the north part of MMP. These areas are for people and leashed dogs. It is vital for the continuation of the Off Leash Area that dogs are kept on leash while outside the OLA.

The pros about MMP OLA:

  • It is wildly popular! The usage of the park far exceeds any expectations. Magnolia was starved for an OLA!
  • There are core groups using the park during the morning and evenings.
  • People are meeting each other and their dogs—community building!
  • Most days, the noise of barking dogs has reduced; users are controlling their dogs.
  • The Magnolia Manor Park OLA Facebook page has increased activity. Post pictures of your dogs!!

Future plans for MMP OLA:

  • A work party on Sunday April 21 from 1-3 pm to celebrate Earth Day.
  • The dog park will close during all future work parties. Those working at the park may bring their dogs.
  • Procure a kiosk: covered reader board for announcements, lost dog notices, etc.

The cons of the OLA:

  •  The neighborhood is being impacted in a big way by the huge number of users and their dogs.
  • The noise impact on the apartment building and nearby houses is significant; barking can sometimes be heard a block away.
  • The street, 28th Ave W, is a busy street with parked cars on both sides of 28th and the side street.  Unleashed dogs jump from cars into yards and dash across the street. This is a tragedy waiting to happen.
  • Some owners are not picking up after their dogs, leaving  poop on the parking strip.
  • Unleashed dogs and not picking up after your dog are violations of city ordinance; dog owners must bring bags.
  • Dog owners are using the north end of the park to run their dogs off leash illegally and not picking up poop.
  • Neighbors have noticed an increase in full poop bags tossed into hedges and yards.We can all make a difference! Be a proud supporter of your park, and be a good neighbor.

Good Neighbor Policy:

  1. Prevent/Discourage Barking.
    2.      Observe Quiet Hours:  Avoid use 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    3.      Please Pick Up After Your Dog! (Don’t forget to bring your bag, tie it & toss it in the trash.)
    4.      Do NOT Tolerate Bullying.

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