Next steps after public meeting to review preferred master plan for Magnolia Manor Park

The more than 70 of you who attended the 3rd  and last public meeting were excited by the completed preferred site plan (details) presented by Site Workshop.  I thought you’d like it!

Comments included:

  • “It is such a well balanced design”
  • “It has so many thoughtful elements-I had come to make sure the dog park was going to be a large part of it and I can see how and why you designed it the way you did-the dog park fits in perfectly with the other elements”
  • “I like it!”

Site Workshop does wonderful work and here at Magnolia Manor Park, they did a great master plan, using all the Parks potential spaces to great advantage.

The plan opens the park up to its full usable space by getting the reservoir area re-fenced , keeping an appealing front porch landscaped lawn as the welcome mat for the park, adding the view vista plazas of the Cascades and Mount Baker, dedicating well-planned space to Magnolia’s first 50 P-patches on the sunny south side, and designing Magnolia’s First Off Leash Area tucked in and buffered by landscaping on the north with a chuck it space, a small dog area and room for dogs to play. View plazas, informal picnic/play areas, the ADA assessable paths that flows through/around the spaces and connects the park in a two mile loop of other near-by parks, and an orchard area where families and folks can adopt their own gravenstein apple, or Italian plum tree.

The most amazing thing though was how people accepted enthusiastically the challenges of getting it built and building it right!.  There is lots of planning to still be done, tons of fundraising to do, and many, many volunteers and volunteer hours will be needed to make our wonderful design a reality. Over $1,500 dollars were donated and pledges are still in the mail.

Many of you volunteered on the spot to help with funding and finishing an element of the park that interests you, be it the OLA, P-Patch, or general Park like removing fences. We will be in touch soon with each of you…if you don’t hear from us…don’t be shy, call us at 206-284-2430 or email us from here.

The new steering committee is dedicated to this as well. The web site will soon have a pledge form on line and a pay-pal account for easy donating.  We will hopefully be setting up a texting account so when you play with your dog in the park, take a walk there or teach your child to ride a bike on the asphalt paths, or mark your monthly calendar donate to Manor Park –  you can text a donation from your cell phone! The funding plan for the OLA and general park fund is being updated and finalized and will be on the web-site in the next 2 weeks-read it and send us your ideas. Volunteer for event planning and help out at our events.  There will be an events calendar and places to volunteer up soon on the this web page.  Visit often and volunteer as much as you can as we travel down the path to a park together.

The Friends of Manor Park Steering Committee meets the June 14th, Tuesday at 7pm, at the Q Café.  Join us as we make plans to make Magnolia Manor Park a reality.

Susan Casey

Chair, Friends of Magnolia Manor Park Steering Committee (beginning June, 2011)

  • 7 years ago
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