Magnolia Manor Park Update, November 2015

Great news! The next project phase of Magnolia Manor Park’s Preferred Site Plan is moving forward! This long-awaited phase will accomplish the following:

  • Open up the southwest corner of the park by shifting the security fence closer to the covered reservoir (while retaining the fencing that abuts neighbors’ yards)
  • Update the OLA with a shelter, separate shy-dog area access and an adjusted perimeter
  • Improve the main entry from 28th Ave West
  • Improve north perimeter landscaping
  • Shift fencing in the northeast corner to gain a mountain viewpoint

Bids from contractors will be solicited during Fall 2015/Winter 2016 with construction to be completed in 2016. This is another step in a continuing process to complete the Preferred Site Plan for Magnolia Manor Park.

Background: In 2010 the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park secured a Department of Neighborhoods Matching Grant to develop a Preferred Site Plan for the land around the Magnolia Reservoir. Following three well-attended public meetings and tours of the area, a PLAN was adopted (see Preferred Site Plan) through extensive public process. The Preferred Site Plan design shifted the security fence more closely to the reservoir (including water treatment access) while freeing the remaining 2.73 acres of this city-owned land for general park use including an off-leash area and a P-Patch. With Park Open Space funding, plus over $50,000 in private donations, the OLA and P-Patch were completed in 2013. Additional funds through the Park Opportunity Fund were applied for in 2012 and approved by City Council in late 2013. This funding is for the current project which is described above.

More than 4500 residents live around Magnolia Manor Park! Neighborhood and public support for the Preferred Site Plan has been enthusiastic! This neighborhood park, and the current phase of the Preferred Site Plan, will open up the valuable level green spaces for passive recreation by everyone. Already Magnolia Manor Park is a walking destination for many!


  • 3 years ago