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With great sadness, this will be the last update for the near future. The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) will be on hiatus until further notice. FMMP members and supporters have had one goal; the completion of the community-driven Preferred Site Plan.

Members of FMMP have worked long and hard with the community for Magnolia Manor Park (MMP). So much has been accomplished! Magnolia’s first off-leash area and first P-Patch community garden have been wildly successful; building community every day since. The most recent project linking these two park elements added a partial path around the reservoir and more passive park space. The number of years dedicated to this park by FMMP members and supporters is simply astounding.

The most recent project is not quite finished (motion-detector lights on path). Previous delays in starting construction dampened the energy of park supporters. Until Parks deems this project completed, no grant applications can be submitted for smaller projects around the park. Still to be done: complete the ADA path all around the reservoir, improve the sign and entry area, new landscaping/cleanup, re-inventing the aged educational patio, access
from 26th West and let’s not forget the mountain bike trail and zip line on the east hill!! Those last two items are courtesy of the Lawton School kids who participated in the park design.

The MMP website will be supported for the next few years. The hope is that a new Parks superintendent will bring improved focus to the functioning of Parks. MMP will be waiting for future park supporters and neighbors to energize, rally and support the park as needed.

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