Magnolia Manor Park Update – 12/11/2015

December 2015

On December 10, 2015, new Seattle Parks Superintendent Jesus Aguirre braved a torrential downpour to visit Magnolia Manor Park!! Assistant Parks Superintendent Christopher Williams and Parks Project Manager Garrett Farrell were there as well.

The Parks representatives walked the site to better understand the concerns raised by nearby neighbors. Both neighbors and member of the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park Steering Committee spoke with the Parks representatives.

The upcoming Opportunity Fund Project is moving forward with contractor bids per Project Manager Farrell; construction is expected to be completed in 2016. This project is the next step to complete the overall Preferred Site Plan for Magnolia Manor Park. For graphic representations of both the Preferred Site Plan and the Opportunity Fund Project, go to and choose Preferred Site Plan.

The neighbors’ concerns are about safety once the SW corner of Magnolia Manor Park is opened up with this current Opportunity Fund project. The existing six-foot perimeter fence that abuts the neighbors’ property lines will remain; protecting these properties from the rear. A possible solution to mitigate security concerns in this SW park corner might be motion-detector lights. Such lighting is expensive, Parks must approve and likely fundraising would be required; working together, this can happen!

Several neighbors stated, they would prefer that the whole park project, with the complete path circling the reservoir, be constructed at once. Unfortunately, the costs for work on the east hill are quite high. The money currently available (Opportunity Fund grant) is enough for 75% of the path, relocating fences, landscaping and other associated construction. Once complete, our attention will focus on fundraising for the east hill section!!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support for Magnolia Manor Park. The Preferred Site Plan will become a reality with such great community support!!

  • 3 years ago