With great sadness, this will be the last update for the near future. The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) will be on hiatus until further notice. FMMP members and supporters have had one goal; the completion of the community-driven Preferred Site Plan.

Members of FMMP have worked long and hard with the community for Magnolia Manor Park (MMP). So much has been accomplished! Magnolia’s first off-leash area and first P-Patch community garden have been wildly successful; building community every day since. The most recent project linking these two park elements added a partial path around the reservoir and more passive park space. The number of years dedicated to this park by FMMP members and supporters is simply astounding.

The most recent project is not quite finished (motion-detector lights on path). Previous delays in starting construction dampened the energy of park supporters. Until Parks deems this project completed, no grant applications can be submitted for smaller projects around the park. Still to be done: complete the ADA path all around the reservoir, improve the sign and entry area, new landscaping/cleanup, re-inventing the aged educational patio, access
from 26th West and let’s not forget the mountain bike trail and zip line on the east hill!! Those last two items are courtesy of the Lawton School kids who participated in the park design.

The MMP website will be supported for the next few years. The hope is that a new Parks superintendent will bring improved focus to the functioning of Parks. MMP will be waiting for future park supporters and neighbors to energize, rally and support the park as needed.

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Gross Roots Council Continue

Grass Roots Councils Continue

Many of you know that a previous mayor discontinued support of the 13 Neighborhood District
Councils. Created in the 1980s to foster more citizen input into the operation of our city and
neighborhoods. Yes, these district councils desperately needed support in digital outreach, language
translation and more. Cutting these established grass-roots organizations was a very top-down
maneuver; the very anti-thesis of grass-roots. And, here in Seattle, we love to engage and have our
voices heard!!

Magnolia Queen Anne District Council is now The Coalition! And open to all!!

The good news is that many of these councils are still alive and flourishing. Our own, the former
Magnolia Queen Anne Neighborhood District Council has been reimagined as The Coalition: Magnolia,
Queen Anne and Interbay Neighborhoods. The current members participated in a strategic re-branding
exercise; creating a new mission statement and vision. The by-laws were re-written for more open
membership by both individuals and groups.

The Coalition meetings are monthly; go to The Coalition: Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Interbay
Neighborhoods Facebook page and message for the current meeting information. Everyone is

Sound Transit Route in Interbay TBD in 2018!

The most impactful issue to the Coalition right now is the Sound Transit route through our
neighborhoods. A few months ago, Sound Transit stopped by The Coalition meeting to discuss initial
ideas of routing light rail from Downtown to Ballard. This routing will go through our neighborhoods and
in 2018 Sound Transit will select the Preferred Alternative; for the routing of the line.
About two years ago Ben Broesamie (Magnolia Community Council) helped put together a multi-
organization group that encouraged Sound Transit to plan for a route of the light rail off of 15th Avenue
West. Many of us continue to feel that a light rail route off of 15th Avenue West will be best for our

Therefore 2018 will be an important year to connect together and advocate Sound Transit for a
routing that is best for our communities. The Coalition will work with elected officials, industry
(Fishermens Terminal agrees with our position), and perhaps businesses along 15th Avenue West.
Ben’s group will be working with The Coalition on this task; Mike Davis – Transportation Chair for
Uptown Alliance, and Laura Day – Transportation Chair for QACC have agreed as well.
2018 will be a busy year to talk to our neighbors and business community and let them know that Sound
Transit is selecting this impactful route soon and inviting them to share their opinions. Ben drew up an
idea of light rail routing in the attached figure.

Want to be involved? Attend Coalition meetings! Message ideas via The Coalition Facebook page

1. What groups should The Coalition reach out and invite to work with us on this issue? (e.g. Ballard
Community Council).

2. What actions will enable The Coalition to reach out to the community? (e.g. Farmers Markets)

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Magnolia Manor Park Update – August 2017

Please join the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park for a Community Celebration and Grand Opening!! The long-delayed Opportunity Project is finally complete!! Yes!! Walk the reservoir path! Celebrate our newly-opened green park space!
When: Sunday, August 13, 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Park Address: 3500 28th Ave West

There will be refreshments, neighbors, key folks involved in the project and more.
Meet your local community groups:
 MIQA Be Prepared (Mag, Interbay, QA Emergency Prep)
 COLA (Citizens for Off-Leash Areas)
 Discover Music in the Park (Concert/Music at Discovery Park)
 QA Helpline
 Heron Habitat Helpers
 Smith Cove Park
 And more!!

Feel free to share your questions or ideas at; choose

Contact. We love to hear from you!

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The city is proposing the development of the For Lawton Army Reserve property.

The city is proposing the development of the For Lawton Army Reserve property.  this is how you can get involved, and provide input

  1. First Public Meeting: A public meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 196:30-8:30 pm at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center (5011 Bernie Whitebear Way). Join the City of Seattle Office of Housing, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Department of Neighborhoods to learn about the vision for Fort Lawton and the environmental review process.
  1. Second Public Meeting: A second public meeting is now scheduled forWednesday, June 216:30-8:30 pm at Magnolia Community Center (2550 34th Ave W). After sending postcards to 5,000 Magnolia households to publicize the June 19 meeting, we were informed of a conflict with two important community events—the Ballard High School graduation and Seattle Public Schools Magnolia/Queen Anne elementary school boundary change meeting. We will now offer a second public meeting to accommodate more people who would like to learn about the vision for Fort Lawton and the environmental review process.  This meeting will offer the opportunity to provide written public comment on the scope of the proposal.
  1. Written Public Comment: Public comment can be submitted to the City of Seattle by email, in writing, or in person. All methods of comment submission are treated equally; comments provided in writing carry the same weight as those received in person.
WritingLindsay Masters, Office of Housing, PO Box 94725, Seattle, WA 98124-4725 
  1. More Information: We have created an email listserv for members of the public who wish to stay informed about the project. We will provide updates including meeting announcements to this list.  If you have already submitted a comment, you should receive an email signing you up for the list; you may unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive emails. Anyone who wishes to sign up to the listserv should contact More information, including the presentation from the two public meetings, will be available on the Office of Housing’s website:


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Magnolia Manor Park Update – March/April 2017

The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) has applied for a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant!! The purpose is to develop the northern portion of the park. Approved in the previous Opportunity Fund project but not funded, this project will move the fence in the NE corner about ten feet to the east. This amazing view spot will allow people to see great views of Mt Baker and the Cascades. As part of the just-finishing project, this element has been reviewed and approved by Seattle Parks and Recreation, the City of Seattle Department of Construction & Inspection and Seattle Public Utilities.

FMMP will be hosting three public open house/work sessions!! Get your design caps on and come to these public gatherings to share your ideas! How about the concrete patio & old signs? Tangled vegetation to go! A new flat area with recently-built retaining wall—how to best use? Site Workshop will once again be part of the team, yes!! The goal is to solicit input on park design and to produce detailed designs for the northern portion of the park.

The grant was just submitted! There are six long weeks to wait to find out if FMMP received the grant. Stay tuned!! Feel free to share your questions or ideas at ; choose Contact. We love to hear from you!

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Magnolia Manor Park Update March 2017

Magnolia Manor Park Update

February 2017

Great news! The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) will be applying for a Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) grant! The purpose? To secure more design suggestions for the north part of the park. This might include an update for the concrete patio area, moving the NE fence corner further east for a better mountain view or other input from YOU at the future public meetings.

What can you do to help? Be willing to pledge a few hours of volunteer time in advance. The NMF grant application requires a list of volunteers and their contact information. A link to do this online should be available soon. Or you can go to, select Contact. Please include your name, email address, mailing address/zip code and the potential number of hours you will pledge.

  • There are many volunteer opportunities – outreach, meetings, work parties and more!
  • Photograph an outreach event and post online
  • Promote the project at your church, school or among friends
  • Love to get your hands dirty? Help with park cleanup and future planting
  • Great opportunity to rack up community service hours for students and p-patchers

Yes, Parks turned down FMMP’s previous grant attempt for opening the east hill of Manor Park, citing maintenance costs in the tens of thousands annually. Hard to believe, right? Even harder to believe is that Parks Superintendent, Jesus Aguirre, had stated his support for a path open around the whole reservoir  to both neighbors and FMMP previously.

FMMP is not giving up! More information to follow in the coming weeks.

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We’re having a party, and you are all invited!

It’s a work party – we’ll plant some shrubs near the OLA, spread chips in the OLA, and generally clean up the front plaza area.  Bring gloves, we have tools.  We’ll serve soup at noon.

Date: Sunday 12th February
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Location: Magnolia Manor Park, 28th Ave West

It seems as if the construction fences have been up for ever, but they will come down eventually.  Parks is waiting for the grass in the hydroseeded areas to grow.  Stay tuned – we’ll have a big celebration when the fences come down and we can all use the new path and see the great view.

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Help us Expand the Harvest to Queen Anne & Magnolia

In 2017, City Fruit hopes to expand the annual harvest effort to Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods! But, we need your help! 

We are looking for neighborhood residents, tree owners, businesses, community organizations, and others interested in the annual harvest to serve on an Advisory Committee. This committee will help develop ideas for registering new tree owners, engaging the community, and raising funds to support the harvest. We are also interested in expanding our Orchard Stewardship to the area and have begun to identify fruit trees on public land.

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Committee, email City Fruit’s executive director, Kate Morrison, at The time commitment will be minimal: we are looking for your ideas and connections in Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods.

To kick-off this work, the committee will meet once in January at a local coffee shop or gathering place.

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Magnolia Manor Park Happy Holidays!

We wish you

Love and Peace in this Holiday Season


Good Fortune in the Coming Year

The fences are still up at Manor Park to protect the new hydroseeded areas. Parks will

put in the buffer plantings on the south west boundary when it warms up a little – too

cold right now for planting. There will be lighting along the path too.

We’re planning a Grand Opening of the new path when the work is complete – stay


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Special Meeting MQDC – August 15th, United Church of Christ 7-9PM

Representing Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhood organizations.

Special Meeting: Monday, August 15, 7-9 PM

Mayor’s Executive Order and Future Directions for our District Council

United Church of Christ (Pilgrim Hall)

3555 W McGraw St.

Volunteers in Magnolia, Queen Anne and Uptown have for many years worked through their District Council to improve their neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods have parks, gardens, trails and sidewalks to show for these efforts.

The Mayor, on July 13, severed ties with all city-chartered District Councils. The Councils can continue, but the City will no longer support them nor will the Councils continue to set priorities for neighborhood projects.

The August 15 special meeting is to discuss the Mayor’s action and how our District Council should operate going forward. Please join us if you are interested in continuing to build community, as we have been doing for many years.

The Agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Review recent developments
  • Role and Value of the District Council
  • What do we need from the City and from our volunteers to be more effective?

Share your views with us. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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