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Gross Roots Council Continue

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Grass Roots Councils Continue

Many of you know that a previous mayor discontinued support of the 13 Neighborhood District
Councils. Created in the 1980s to foster more citizen input into the operation of our city and
neighborhoods. Yes, these district councils desperately needed support in digital outreach, language
translation and more. Cutting these established grass-roots organizations was a very top-down
maneuver; the very anti-thesis of grass-roots. And, here in Seattle, we love to engage and have our
voices heard!!

Magnolia Queen Anne District Council is now The Coalition! And open to all!!

The good news is that many of these councils are still alive and flourishing. Our own, the former
Magnolia Queen Anne Neighborhood District Council has been reimagined as The Coalition: Magnolia,
Queen Anne and Interbay Neighborhoods. The current members participated in a strategic re-branding
exercise; creating a new mission statement and vision. The by-laws were re-written for more open
membership by both individuals and groups.

The Coalition meetings are monthly; go to The Coalition: Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Interbay
Neighborhoods Facebook page and message for the current meeting information. Everyone is

Sound Transit Route in Interbay TBD in 2018!

The most impactful issue to the Coalition right now is the Sound Transit route through our
neighborhoods. A few months ago, Sound Transit stopped by The Coalition meeting to discuss initial
ideas of routing light rail from Downtown to Ballard. This routing will go through our neighborhoods and
in 2018 Sound Transit will select the Preferred Alternative; for the routing of the line.
About two years ago Ben Broesamie (Magnolia Community Council) helped put together a multi-
organization group that encouraged Sound Transit to plan for a route of the light rail off of 15th Avenue
West. Many of us continue to feel that a light rail route off of 15th Avenue West will be best for our

Therefore 2018 will be an important year to connect together and advocate Sound Transit for a
routing that is best for our communities. The Coalition will work with elected officials, industry
(Fishermens Terminal agrees with our position), and perhaps businesses along 15th Avenue West.
Ben’s group will be working with The Coalition on this task; Mike Davis – Transportation Chair for
Uptown Alliance, and Laura Day – Transportation Chair for QACC have agreed as well.
2018 will be a busy year to talk to our neighbors and business community and let them know that Sound
Transit is selecting this impactful route soon and inviting them to share their opinions. Ben drew up an
idea of light rail routing in the attached figure.

Want to be involved? Attend Coalition meetings! Message ideas via The Coalition Facebook page

1. What groups should The Coalition reach out and invite to work with us on this issue? (e.g. Ballard
Community Council).

2. What actions will enable The Coalition to reach out to the community? (e.g. Farmers Markets)

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