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We’re having a party, and you are all invited!

It’s a work party – we’ll plant some shrubs near the OLA, spread chips in the OLA, and generally clean up the front plaza area.  Bring gloves, we have tools.  We’ll serve soup at noon.

Date: Sunday 12th February
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Location: Magnolia Manor Park, 28th Ave West

It seems as if the construction fences have been up for ever, but they will come down eventually.  Parks is waiting for the grass in the hydroseeded areas to grow.  Stay tuned – we’ll have a big celebration when the fences come down and we can all use the new path and see the great view.

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Help us Expand the Harvest to Queen Anne & Magnolia

In 2017, City Fruit hopes to expand the annual harvest effort to Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods! But, we need your help! 

We are looking for neighborhood residents, tree owners, businesses, community organizations, and others interested in the annual harvest to serve on an Advisory Committee. This committee will help develop ideas for registering new tree owners, engaging the community, and raising funds to support the harvest. We are also interested in expanding our Orchard Stewardship to the area and have begun to identify fruit trees on public land.

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Committee, email City Fruit’s executive director, Kate Morrison, at The time commitment will be minimal: we are looking for your ideas and connections in Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhoods.

To kick-off this work, the committee will meet once in January at a local coffee shop or gathering place.

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Magnolia Manor Park Happy Holidays!

We wish you

Love and Peace in this Holiday Season


Good Fortune in the Coming Year

The fences are still up at Manor Park to protect the new hydroseeded areas. Parks will

put in the buffer plantings on the south west boundary when it warms up a little – too

cold right now for planting. There will be lighting along the path too.

We’re planning a Grand Opening of the new path when the work is complete – stay


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Special Meeting MQDC – August 15th, United Church of Christ 7-9PM

Representing Queen Anne and Magnolia neighborhood organizations.

Special Meeting: Monday, August 15, 7-9 PM

Mayor’s Executive Order and Future Directions for our District Council

United Church of Christ (Pilgrim Hall)

3555 W McGraw St.

Volunteers in Magnolia, Queen Anne and Uptown have for many years worked through their District Council to improve their neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods have parks, gardens, trails and sidewalks to show for these efforts.

The Mayor, on July 13, severed ties with all city-chartered District Councils. The Councils can continue, but the City will no longer support them nor will the Councils continue to set priorities for neighborhood projects.

The August 15 special meeting is to discuss the Mayor’s action and how our District Council should operate going forward. Please join us if you are interested in continuing to build community, as we have been doing for many years.

The Agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Review recent developments
  • Role and Value of the District Council
  • What do we need from the City and from our volunteers to be more effective?

Share your views with us. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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Steering Committee Meetings: The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (Steering Committee) meets monthly or as needed. These meetings are open to the public. If you wish to attend, email for the meeting location.

Opportunity Fund Project: The project is still on track for 2016. Contractors visited the park, submitted bids and Parks chose a contractor. There is a slight hiccup about the disposition of one bid and one contractor has appealed. The bid process is currently being reviewed.

SPU is slated to move and add new fencing that opens the SW corner and encloses the reservoir. Initial information stated this would happen in July. THE SURVEY STAKES ARE IN PLACE FOR THE NEW FENCE AROUND THE RESERVOIR!

Preferred Site Plan Completion: Stage 4, the East Hill: In a previous meeting (February 2016) Superintendent Aguirre indicated that Parks is amenable to the completion of the Preferred Site Plan; specifically the remaining east hill. Fundraising to open the East Hill of Manor Park has begun!

A letter of intent was submitted to the Seattle Parks Major Project Challenge Fund earlier this year. Recently, FMMP was informed that Magnolia Manor Park did not make the cut for this funding.

Currently, FMMP has completed a draft application for the Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple Fund which is a matching fund. The submittal date for this application is September, 2016. Donations and signatures of support for opening the East Hill are being gathered now.

Magnolia Summerfest August 5-7: The Magnolia Chamber which sponsors Summerfest has graciously offered free booth space to all community-based organizations. FMMP has an opportunity to engage the public about Magnolia Manor Park and the Preferred Site Plan. Volunteers are needed to staff the booth! Please email for more information. Your volunteer hours are key to showing community support on the DON Small and Simple application discussed in the preceding section.

Magnolia Farmers Market – Saturdays, 10AM-2PM: FMMP has a mobile display for the Magnolia Farmers Market: birdhouses for sale ($20), donation jar, display map of Preferred Site Plan Stage 4 project; awesome FMMP sign; handheld sign with FMMP name and website. . . Volunteers are needed to work for shifts at the Farmers Markets! Please email for more information. Your volunteer hours are key to showing community support on the DON Small and Simple application discussed in the preceding section.

Seattle Mayor Cuts Ties to Neighborhood District Councils: The Neighborhood District Councils were created as a result of community grass-roots meetings over 30 years and have been part of the Department of Neighborhoods. Each council had a District Coordinator, a DON employee, who helped volunteer council members navigate the City government and departments. FMMP has been a member of the Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council since 2013. This grass-roots group of all volunteers has worked for and represented our neighborhoods of Magnolia, Interbay and Queen Anne for many years. Legislators, the City Council, SDOT, Metro, Parks, the Port, and many more, have presented at MQADC meetings. Local citizens have pitched neighborhood projects or problems for funding opportunities.

The Mayor has cut ties with the entire district council system. The district councils may continue to exist as volunteer groups but without any City support or staff. Several studies of the council systems has produced list of updates (digital and social media engagement) and areas to improve (members of color, renters, etc.). Rather than working with an existing system to make changes, the Mayor stated the existing council members did not represent Seattle: too many homeowners, old, white and retired. Even though each of those members represents an entire group of people (such as Magnolia Manor Park) who are more representative.

The Mayor is starting from scratch with a new un-named method of outreach and engagement created by the Department of Neighborhoods; announcement of system on September 26, 2016. A new commission to engage the under-represented in Seattle will be formed and members appointed by the Mayor. This is very much in conflict with the “Seattle Process.” Like it or hate it, Seattle loves public meetings and process; real grass-roots opportunities for regular citizens to impact our government.

Currently, the local district councils are meeting to discuss this situation and the blatant disregard for so many council members who volunteer innumerable hours for their neighborhoods. A special meeting of the Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council Executive Committee will be held on August 15, 2016. The next regular meeting will be Monday, September 12; location to be determined.

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Friends of Magnolia Manor Park – Steering Committee Meeting

 >> Wednesday Jun e 22, 2016    7 pm  <<

At Manor P-Patch

Mission statement

Friends of Magnolia Manor Park was formed in 2011 to help implement the community-developed plan for Magnolia Manor Park, including an Off Leash Area (OLA) and P-Patch. Through their stewardship, Friends of Magnolia Manor Park build community by connecting people, plants and animals in recreational activities thereby creating a treasured and sustainable neighborhood gathering place for all.

 Steering Committee Agenda  — preliminary


7:00 pm           Introductions

Adopt agenda

Adopt Minutes of May 24, 2016

7:00 pm              Treasurer’s report – Carol Burton   

7:15 pm                Update on Opportunity Fund project (Jim Keller, Susan)

What will happen when

How use it to build support for Small and Simple as next step to opening up rest of park

7:35 pm                Small and simple grant to open up rest of park  (Sept 12 submission, $25K grant)

What can we get for $25K  (see Jim’s email below)

Project match –Volunteer labor match  — need to sign up volunteers

                  Cash match

                  Donated services match

                  Donated supplies and materials match

  Activities to build public awareness and support  (also counts as match)

Strategy for getting Parks support for project

                  Larry Phillips, Sally Bagshaw

8:15 pm                New members

8:25 pm                OLA and P-Patch updates

8:30                        Other

9:00 pm                Adjourn

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NEXT Steering Committee Meeting: The next Friends of Magnolia Manor Park Steering Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10, at 7PM. These meetings are open to the public and held in a private home. If you wish to attend, go to and choose CONTACT.

UPCOMING Neighbor Appreciation Day: On Saturday, February 13, from noon to 2PM, the Magnolia Community Center will host Neighbor Appreciation Day! Magnolia Manor Park will have a table at this event. Curious about the 2011 Preferred Site Plan for the park? Excited by new green space in Magnolia? Looking for a volunteer opportunity with flexible commitment? Please stop by and visit.

UPDATE Opportunity Fund Project and Meeting with Seattle Parks: On February 2, 2016, Parks organized an informal meeting to discuss the current Magnolia Manor Park Opportunity Fund Project and the security concerns of neighbors whose property abuts the park. The Parks staff included Superintendent Jesus Aguirre, Planning & Development Division Director Michael Shiosaki and Project Manager Garrett Farrell.

To mitigate the security concerns of the local neighbors, Superintendent Aguirre stated that lighting for the path is possible. Project Manager Farrell described the potential path lights which would be directed and shielded to illuminate the path only. These lights would be funded separately from the Opportunity Fund grant.

In further discussion between Parks staff, Manor Park neighbors and FMMP Steering Committee members, Superintendent Aguirre indicated that Parks is amenable to the completion of the Preferred Site Plan; specifically the remaining east hill. Costs would include research, planning and development of the east hill per the Preferred Site Plan design. Project Manager Farrell estimated that the east hill project may cost approximately $750K or more to plan and construct.

A new funding source, Seattle Parks Major Project Challenge Fund, may be available to Manor Park. David Grave, Senior Park Planner, in a separate email stated that the FMMP Steering Committee may submit a letter of intent for this Challenge Fund. Although this fund is designed for $2 million plus projects, lesser sums may be available. Many volunteer hours and fundraising would be required as this type of fund requires a 50% match by the citizens group; e.g. $250K match for $500K grant.

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