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NEXT Steering Committee Meeting: The next Friends of Magnolia Manor Park Steering Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, February 10, at 7PM. These meetings are open to the public and held in a private home. If you wish to attend, go to and choose CONTACT.

UPCOMING Neighbor Appreciation Day: On Saturday, February 13, from noon to 2PM, the Magnolia Community Center will host Neighbor Appreciation Day! Magnolia Manor Park will have a table at this event. Curious about the 2011 Preferred Site Plan for the park? Excited by new green space in Magnolia? Looking for a volunteer opportunity with flexible commitment? Please stop by and visit.

UPDATE Opportunity Fund Project and Meeting with Seattle Parks: On February 2, 2016, Parks organized an informal meeting to discuss the current Magnolia Manor Park Opportunity Fund Project and the security concerns of neighbors whose property abuts the park. The Parks staff included Superintendent Jesus Aguirre, Planning & Development Division Director Michael Shiosaki and Project Manager Garrett Farrell.

To mitigate the security concerns of the local neighbors, Superintendent Aguirre stated that lighting for the path is possible. Project Manager Farrell described the potential path lights which would be directed and shielded to illuminate the path only. These lights would be funded separately from the Opportunity Fund grant.

In further discussion between Parks staff, Manor Park neighbors and FMMP Steering Committee members, Superintendent Aguirre indicated that Parks is amenable to the completion of the Preferred Site Plan; specifically the remaining east hill. Costs would include research, planning and development of the east hill per the Preferred Site Plan design. Project Manager Farrell estimated that the east hill project may cost approximately $750K or more to plan and construct.

A new funding source, Seattle Parks Major Project Challenge Fund, may be available to Manor Park. David Grave, Senior Park Planner, in a separate email stated that the FMMP Steering Committee may submit a letter of intent for this Challenge Fund. Although this fund is designed for $2 million plus projects, lesser sums may be available. Many volunteer hours and fundraising would be required as this type of fund requires a 50% match by the citizens group; e.g. $250K match for $500K grant.

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Magnolia Manor Park Update – 12/11/2015

December 2015

On December 10, 2015, new Seattle Parks Superintendent Jesus Aguirre braved a torrential downpour to visit Magnolia Manor Park!! Assistant Parks Superintendent Christopher Williams and Parks Project Manager Garrett Farrell were there as well.

The Parks representatives walked the site to better understand the concerns raised by nearby neighbors. Both neighbors and member of the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park Steering Committee spoke with the Parks representatives.

The upcoming Opportunity Fund Project is moving forward with contractor bids per Project Manager Farrell; construction is expected to be completed in 2016. This project is the next step to complete the overall Preferred Site Plan for Magnolia Manor Park. For graphic representations of both the Preferred Site Plan and the Opportunity Fund Project, go to and choose Preferred Site Plan.

The neighbors’ concerns are about safety once the SW corner of Magnolia Manor Park is opened up with this current Opportunity Fund project. The existing six-foot perimeter fence that abuts the neighbors’ property lines will remain; protecting these properties from the rear. A possible solution to mitigate security concerns in this SW park corner might be motion-detector lights. Such lighting is expensive, Parks must approve and likely fundraising would be required; working together, this can happen!

Several neighbors stated, they would prefer that the whole park project, with the complete path circling the reservoir, be constructed at once. Unfortunately, the costs for work on the east hill are quite high. The money currently available (Opportunity Fund grant) is enough for 75% of the path, relocating fences, landscaping and other associated construction. Once complete, our attention will focus on fundraising for the east hill section!!

Thanks to everyone for all of your support for Magnolia Manor Park. The Preferred Site Plan will become a reality with such great community support!!

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The P-Patch at Magnolia Manor Park has great news!!

Final totals for food donated this year:

817 lbs (371 kilos) from the Giving Gardens and 710 lbs (323 kilos) from individual gardeners and their garden plots!

Our P-Patch donates to El Centro de la Raza; thanks to all who grew, donated, harvested and delivered our produce!!

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Magnolia Manor Park Update, November 2015

Great news! The next project phase of Magnolia Manor Park’s Preferred Site Plan is moving forward! This long-awaited phase will accomplish the following:

  • Open up the southwest corner of the park by shifting the security fence closer to the covered reservoir (while retaining the fencing that abuts neighbors’ yards)
  • Update the OLA with a shelter, separate shy-dog area access and an adjusted perimeter
  • Improve the main entry from 28th Ave West
  • Improve north perimeter landscaping
  • Shift fencing in the northeast corner to gain a mountain viewpoint

Bids from contractors will be solicited during Fall 2015/Winter 2016 with construction to be completed in 2016. This is another step in a continuing process to complete the Preferred Site Plan for Magnolia Manor Park.

Background: In 2010 the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park secured a Department of Neighborhoods Matching Grant to develop a Preferred Site Plan for the land around the Magnolia Reservoir. Following three well-attended public meetings and tours of the area, a PLAN was adopted (see Preferred Site Plan) through extensive public process. The Preferred Site Plan design shifted the security fence more closely to the reservoir (including water treatment access) while freeing the remaining 2.73 acres of this city-owned land for general park use including an off-leash area and a P-Patch. With Park Open Space funding, plus over $50,000 in private donations, the OLA and P-Patch were completed in 2013. Additional funds through the Park Opportunity Fund were applied for in 2012 and approved by City Council in late 2013. This funding is for the current project which is described above.

More than 4500 residents live around Magnolia Manor Park! Neighborhood and public support for the Preferred Site Plan has been enthusiastic! This neighborhood park, and the current phase of the Preferred Site Plan, will open up the valuable level green spaces for passive recreation by everyone. Already Magnolia Manor Park is a walking destination for many!


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Want to know candidates’ positions on your issues?

Come to a candidate forum and find out – Thursday 15th October at Whole Foods in Interbay.
Doors open at 6.30 with information tables (pro and con) on Lets Move Seattle ballot measure.  Candidate forum starts promptly at 7 pm and continues to 9 pm.  come to the Customer Service Desk at Whole Foods and we’ll guide you from there.

Candidates for Seattle City Council  seats #7, 8, and 9; King County Council #4; and Port of Seattle #2 and #5 will be there.  The election is Tuesday 3rd November – come to the forum and find out where the candidates stand on your issues.

The Candidate forum is co-sponsored by Magnolia Community Council, Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council, Queen Anne Community Council, and Uptown Alliance.
Questions?  email

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Magnolia Community Council Public Forum – Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Seattle City Council has proposed a Metropolitan Park District (“MPD”).

The deferred maintenance backlog for Seattle’s parks and recreational facilities is now at $267 million and the current levy ends this year.

This issue will be on the August 5 ballot.

Thursday, June 12, 2014
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Catharine Blaine School
2550 34th Ave W.
(Next to the Magnolia Community Center)

For more information please read the Meeting Flyer.

September/October Newsletter is here!

In this issue of the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park newsletter:

– Fun(d)raising BBQ on Sunday, September 15th from 4-6:30pm. $10/person

– Update on The Missing Piece

– Maybe ewww, but pee is great for your garden!

– Gardening feature “Garden of Discovery”

– Planning your winter garden

Read and enjoy!

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Update on “The Missing Piece”

Funding to connect the Manor P-Patch and the Off Leash Area recommended to City Council

The Parks Levy Oversight Committee has recommended that funds to connect ‘the missing piece’ between the Manor P-Patch and the Off Leash Area be part of the Opportunity Grant list to be approved by the Seattle City Council later this summer.  Also included is funding for renovation and rehabilitation of the plaza area along the north side of the park.

This means that Manor Park truly becomes an integrated whole providing  Magnolia residents with an array of accessible neighborhood recreational activities – a place for children to run and play, families to have a picnic, community gardening, an off leash area for dogs, and a place to relax and enjoy the wonderful views.

The "Missing Piece" Walkway

The “Missing Piece” Walkway