Mid-March Update

Is it daylight savings time already? Spring must be just around the corner. Things are really moving with the Magnolia Manor Park project thanks to the time, money and effort of many neighbors and local businesses. We’ll be breaking ground on the new Off Leash Area this spring, and will host a “Dog Park 101” workshop. Other plans for the park include installing Magnolia’s first P-Patch. With so much going on, we’re still in need of volunteers in a variety of areas. One such area is events coordination. Along with workshops, we’re planning other activities in the park to inform the community of all the exciting new changes. For this, we need help organizing and implementing our outreach efforts.

Are you interested in a P-Patch plot? All volunteer hours count toward selecting who gets those initial garden assignments. As spring and summer roll in, we’ll need help installing buffer plants and walking paths, as well. Slowly, but surely, Magnolia Manor Park is being reopened for the neighborhood to enjoy. If you’d like to take part, let us know–here’s our Volunteer Form you can use to let us know your interests.

Stay tuned for regular updates right here.

  • 6 years ago
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