Come Build a Birdhouse With Friends of Magnolia Manor Park

Flock to Magnolia Manor Park-The work is underway!

Kathy and John Carlson’s work was the inspiration for the Birdhouse making workshop coming up September 18th, 1-3 pm, at Magnolia Manor Park.

Kathy and John Carlson’s Birdhouses & Garden Benches back-yard store sells locally near Magnolia Manor Park. John Carlson will be at the Sept. 18th Event.

On your way to Magnolia Manor Park you have probably noticed John and Kathy’s backyard. It’s for the birds, really! It is filled with fun sights and woodworking wizardry. Making birdhouses and benches of many shapes and sizes out of re-purposed wood and fun gadgets like: a door knocker, a rusted door bolt or a fork artistically wrapped in wire (as the perches) is their thing. This has been their hobby since John retired from the Seattle Police Force over 10 years ago. He and Kathy collect interesting objects, do one of a kind and custom work. They hang their wares in their back-yard store – the inventory is always changing. Like rural fruit and flower stands hand-made signs direct you to pick what you want and leave your payment. Did you know the holes have to be a certain size to attract the local birds?

Preparing wood for Birdhouse Kits

George Tracy, event chair for Friends of Magnolia Manor Park, co-incidentally in the construction business by trade; and, his crew John, Bob Seldon, and Jon Wooton are busy in their workshops getting the kits ready to go! Home Depot Aurora, and Magnolia’s Ace Hardware have joined the team in getting supplies ready and waiting for the September 18th event. It will be a family affair with parents and kids building their birdhouses. Walk the park and talk to Site Workshop’s, Jim Keller, our landscape designer and neighbor to the Park. Kids can create chalk art on the paths and parents can learn about the future plans for Magnolia Manor Park – walking paths, P-Patches and the dog Off-Leash area! The suggested donation per kit is $15 dollars.

We hope a lot of you will come support the cause, and meet the Steering Committee who is moving us along the path toward realize the making of Magnolia Manor Park. Don’t be surprised if the Umpqua Bank’s ice cream truck comes to the party and also deliver elves that will help us knock on wood for our first fund raising effort! Follow us on Facebook.

Supplies Donated by Ace Hardware in Magnolia

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