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Update on “The Missing Piece”

Funding to connect the Manor P-Patch and the Off Leash Area recommended to City Council

The Parks Levy Oversight Committee has recommended that funds to connect ‘the missing piece’ between the Manor P-Patch and the Off Leash Area be part of the Opportunity Grant list to be approved by the Seattle City Council later this summer.  Also included is funding for renovation and rehabilitation of the plaza area along the north side of the park.

This means that Manor Park truly becomes an integrated whole providing  Magnolia residents with an array of accessible neighborhood recreational activities – a place for children to run and play, families to have a picnic, community gardening, an off leash area for dogs, and a place to relax and enjoy the wonderful views.

The "Missing Piece" Walkway

The “Missing Piece” Walkway


Off-Leash Area Work Party this Sunday!


April 2013

Zolo Looks Forward to a Spiffed-Up OLA

Zolo Looking Forward to a Spiffed-Up OLA

Earth Day Work PartyPitchforks and Shovels and Rakes, oh my! Come join us as we sling chips and move gravel to pretty up our Off Leash Area (OLA) for Earth DaySunday, April 21st from 1-3 pm. During the work party, the OLA will be CLOSED to all but work party participants and their dogs.

Calling All Team Members:  Let’s Team Up!

Our Goal:  Good stewardship for the off-leash area at Magnolia Manor Park! Help support the stewards of this dog park by joining the support team. At least 10 people are needed to share the load. We only need a few more to round out our Team!

If you use the OLA, care about the OLA and or are neighbors of the OLA, please volunteer (use the general contact form here).

Magnolia Manor Park Off-Leash Area is in its probationary period for 18 months (until Spring, 2014). (All new dog parks go on probation.) The majority of the OLA users are responsible dog owners who respect the park and the neighborhood. However, a few users may be jeopardizing the future of this OLA.

The OLA needs a support team of 10 people to help community bonding among park users. Possible activities include owner education, dog contests, potlucks, fun training events, etc. Re-educate the minority who aren’t aware about their impact on the neighborhood. This is your park!!

Currently the “missing piece,” an 18,000 sq ft SW corner of the park linking the OLA and the P-patch is under consideration. This would include a paved path between the areas and a re-vitalization of the north part of MMP. These areas are for people and leashed dogs. It is vital for the continuation of the Off Leash Area that dogs are kept on leash while outside the OLA.

The pros about MMP OLA:

  • It is wildly popular! The usage of the park far exceeds any expectations. Magnolia was starved for an OLA!
  • There are core groups using the park during the morning and evenings.
  • People are meeting each other and their dogs—community building!
  • Most days, the noise of barking dogs has reduced; users are controlling their dogs.
  • The Magnolia Manor Park OLA Facebook page has increased activity. Post pictures of your dogs!!

Future plans for MMP OLA:

  • A work party on Sunday April 21 from 1-3 pm to celebrate Earth Day.
  • The dog park will close during all future work parties. Those working at the park may bring their dogs.
  • Procure a kiosk: covered reader board for announcements, lost dog notices, etc.

The cons of the OLA:

  •  The neighborhood is being impacted in a big way by the huge number of users and their dogs.
  • The noise impact on the apartment building and nearby houses is significant; barking can sometimes be heard a block away.
  • The street, 28th Ave W, is a busy street with parked cars on both sides of 28th and the side street.  Unleashed dogs jump from cars into yards and dash across the street. This is a tragedy waiting to happen.
  • Some owners are not picking up after their dogs, leaving  poop on the parking strip.
  • Unleashed dogs and not picking up after your dog are violations of city ordinance; dog owners must bring bags.
  • Dog owners are using the north end of the park to run their dogs off leash illegally and not picking up poop.
  • Neighbors have noticed an increase in full poop bags tossed into hedges and yards.We can all make a difference! Be a proud supporter of your park, and be a good neighbor.

Good Neighbor Policy:

  1. Prevent/Discourage Barking.
    2.      Observe Quiet Hours:  Avoid use 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
    3.      Please Pick Up After Your Dog! (Don’t forget to bring your bag, tie it & toss it in the trash.)
    4.      Do NOT Tolerate Bullying.

Posted on behalf of Toni Imfeld

  • 5 years ago

Dog OLA Work Party: Saturday, February 9th!

Pitchforks and Shovels and Rakes, oh my!

Our monthly Work Party will take place this Saturday, February 9th from 10 am – 12 Noon. Puppy Please remember to bring work gloves.  We’ll be spreading chips, moving gravel & planting in the south border. Please be aware of the chip & tool delivery.  It should take place between 8 and 10 am. During the delivery, the work gate will be OPEN and the Off Leash Area WILL NOT be secure.  Please watch your dogs and corral/leash them appropriately!

Contact Toni Imfeld for more info.

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Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (“FMMP”) is pleased to announce a Grand Opening Celebration for the Magnolia Manor Park Off-Leash Area on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 1 pm.  Festivities will take place in Magnolia Manor Park, 3500 28th Avenue West.  Ribbon cutting at 1:30 pm.



There will be a Work Party on Saturday, November 17th at 10 am (rain or shine!) at Magnolia Manor Park OffLeash Area, 3500 28th Avenue West, to install some of the border plants and the poop bag stations (no, there’s just no ‘genteel’ way to say it), and to install a mock-up of the Lawton 2012 5th Graders’ Art Fence project.

Detail below…

Another Op’nin’, Another OLA…

Whoo-hoo!  Our long process is finally coming to a close.  Or rather, an Opening!  We are pleased to announce a Grand Opening Celebration for the Magnolia Manor Park Off-Leash Area on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 1 pm.  Festivities will take place in Magnolia Manor Park, 3500 28th Avenue West.  Ribbon cutting at 1:30 pm.

We hope you’ve all been pleasantly surprised by all the progress these last few weeks.  The chips are down (and that’s a good thing…), as is the gravel, the water line is being installed and the OLA fence should begin installation after November 1st.  Seattle Parks Dept. (“Parks”) is bringing in soil amendments for the North border, and along with FMMP, consulting with the neighbors on the border plantings for the OLA, and P Patch.

Once the OLA fence is completely installed and Seattle Conservation Corps (“SCC”) has cleaned up the work site, Parks will arrange for the exterior fence along 28th Avenue West to be removed, and the park will re-open.  That will probably take place between November 9th and November 17th.  Both Seattle Parks and Friends of Magnolia Manor P (“FMMP”) are committed to the idea that the park should be closed for no longer than necessary for construction and that includes the OLA. So, yes, if it’s ready before the 18th, the OLA WILL be open for business.

Just like any new business, though, some things take time.  Parks will provide a kiosk, a tool box and signage, but they may not be in place in time for the opening. The water also may not be completely hooked up for a few weeks. Rest assured–they are coming!

There will be a Work Party on Saturday, November 17th at 10 am (rain or shine!) to install some of the border plants and the poop bag stations (no, there’s just no ‘genteel’ way to say it), and to install a mock-up of the Lawton 2012 5th Graders’ Art Fence project.  Installation of the rest of the plants and trees, and the Art Fence, will take place over the next several months, as time, weather (and donations) allow. There will be another celebration with the Lawton 2012 5th Graders’ and their families once the installation of the Art Fence is scheduled.

Along with the OLA opening, the Magnolia P Patch is taking shape.  By the 18th, the security fencing will have been moved and rough grading in the P Patch area done. It may be possible to tour the area of the future P Patch at the Grand Opening—we’ll have to see.  The grand opening celebration for the P Patch will take place next spring.

Please mark your calendars for the Work Party at 10 am on November 17th and for the Grand Opening at 1 pm on November 18th, and come say “Thank You” to all of our great sponsors and donors!  Without them, MMP OLA would not have happened.

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Dog Off-Leash Area Construction Update

Construction of the dog off-leash area will start on  Monday, September 10!


NOTE:  The Park will be CLOSED during the six to eight weeks of construction.

Construction access will be from 28th Avenue.  In addition, a ditch will be dug to lay water pipe from the p-patch area to the dog park area.  This prevents the City from having to dig up 28th Avenue to provide water to the dog area.

For the safety of the public and to conserve money and resources, heavy equipment will be staged and stored inside the park, which will be completely fenced off and locked during construction.  A re-opening ceremony is being planned.  The date and details will be posted on the fence and our web site.

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to stain fencing, spread bark chips and plant shrubs.

Construction of the P-Patch is still on schedule to commence this fall after Seattle Public Utilities does some fence moving.  Estimated completion for Phase 1 of the P-Patch is the end of 2012.  Gardeners will be in the garden in 2013!

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Dog Park 101: Do’s, Don’ts and Best Practices

Ever wonder about taking your dog to the dog park? Is there more that you should know before you go? 

Learn about what to do before you get to the Dog Park for the best positive experience for you and your dog.  Subjects include training, vaccinations, socialization, licensing, and rights and responsibilities.

Join us for a talk with dog training and behavior specialist Julie Forbes, owner of Sensitive Dog – dog training, behavior and food consultation, and host of the radio talk show “The Dog Show with Julie Forbes.”


When:  Thursday, August 23, 2012.

Time:    6:30 – 8 p.m.

Where:  Magnolia Presbyterian Church, Mt. Rainier Room (1st Floor),  3051 28th Avenue West (Corner of 28th Ave W. and W. Dravus), Seattle

WhoHumans Only, Please!

Suggested Donation:  $10


All donations benefit the Magnolia Manor Park
Off-Leash Area, Opening this Fall!

No advance reservations. Donations will be taken at the door.

(Seating limited to 45 participants.)

Toni L. Imfeld
Fundraising Chair
Friends of Magnolia Manor Park

  • 6 years ago

What is Happening at Magnolia Park??

It must seem like nothing is going on, and it is quite the OPPOSITE! SO many things are going on behind the scenes that it’s hard to keep track. The P-Patch Committee is busy working on meeting immediate fundraising needs to build the fence (more to come in an additional post),  forming planning committees and getting organized, while the Off-Leash Area is getting ready to announce the date for the groundbreaking ceremony!

Part of getting organized is learning how to utilize this website again – STAY TUNED for more content updated REGULARLY!

Today we met with our webmaster and learned some functionality if the website and discussed what we’d like to see and how we’d like to use it. We will be having more people with access to post relevant information such as upcoming events, meeting dates/times, reports on what was discussed at meetings (for those who can’t make it) and more.

See ya soon!

POOCH PICS in the PARK! — Updated

Did your pet miss out on the last “Picture Your Pooch in the Park” event? Was your pet there last time and made so many friends that they’d love to do it again? Well here’s their chance to become the face of the upcoming Off Leash Area. Due to the resounding success of our pet pictures event last month, we’re doing it again. Bring your pooch and other pets out to Magnolia Manor Park this Saturday, April 28th, from noon to 3 to have his or her picture taken. The photos are free, but donations will be happily accepted. All proceeds will go toward the construction of the park’s Off Leash Area.  We’ll e-mail photos to the owners, as well as post our favorites to our web site and Facebook page. You may reach LuAnn Mitchell via e-mail using the “Contact Us” form for more information.

Pooch Pics Flyer

  • 6 years ago

Build A Birdhouse Workshop–Updated

Great event!  Thanks to everyone!  We sold out! –Carol Burton

It looks as though spring has officially sprung around here, and with that comes the Magnolia Springfest & Art Walk. The Friends of Magnolia Manor Park will be taking part this year with a birdhouse workshop. This event was such a hit last year that we’ve decided to bring it back. Come on out for an afternoon of fun for kids, hobbyists, bird watchers, and even pets! Paints and supplies will be available if you’d like to build your birdhouse right there with us, or you may take your kit home. Stop by our table this Friday, April 27th, outside of Umpqua Bank in the Village (at 32ndand McGraw) to build your very own birdhouses. There will be four birdhouse designs to choose from, with suggested donations of $15 dollars per kit. Proceeds will go toward the park fund. For more information, please contact Susan Casey or Melanthia Peterman by clicking on “Contact Us” above.

Helping with the Birdhouse Design at last year's event...

  • 6 years ago