Can You Give Up Your Lattes for Just 5 Days?

Why?  Because if each of you just gave $20 to the Friends of Magnolia Manor Park, we would easily receive $2,000 (or more), bringing us very close to our financial goal of being able to move the SPU security gate fence, so that we can construct all of our garden plots and be ready for Spring planting in 2013!

Summer reminds us that the world is filled miracles, those unexpected surprises that just keep filling us with sunshine, JOY and gratitude. You can be a huge part of our garden success by just giving up a few drinks at your favorite coffee café for just one week, and sending a check for $20 or more to:

Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP), addressed to:

Carol Burton, 4052 Williams Avenue West, Seattle, WA  98199.

If you prefer to donate with a credit card, please send a note to Carol including your Credit card number, the name on your card, and the expiration date.

Or donate on line now


We’d encourage your response before the end of August. Thank you for your generosity!  You are the reason we will be planting seeds in just a few months!


  • 6 years ago
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